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Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Free Card Game... Download Now!!

This is a fast paced solitaire card game.

It's played by dragging each card in the deck to one of sixteen available chambers (cells).

Face cards must be dropped in their respective chambers. Non-face cards can be played in any of the available chambers.

To play non- face cards, you must click on 1 or 2 cards whose value equals 10. If a face card is drawn and an available chamber for that face card is not available, the game is over.

Scoring is based on how quickly you can win the game.

This is a freeware program.   Have fun...

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Down Loading Help

The are three version that can be downloaded. The larger file size, Cardgame2.exe, is very easy to install and doesn't require a zip utility. It is a standard installation program. Cardgame.exe is a self extracting compressed file and doesn't require Winzip, etc., the smallest file size,  requires WinZip or another unzipping utility. If you are a computer novice, download Cardgame2.exe.


Download and save to a temporary folder, Click start, run, and simply run the installation program. c:\temp\cardgame2.exe.

Download the program and save to a temp folder, open the zip file in WinZip, extract to a folder of your choosing. No shortcuts are created, so you'll have to create a shortcut.


Self extracting zip file. Install the same as with the zipped version.

Click Here To Download cardgame2.exe - Easiest to install, but biggest file size 694kb Click

Here To Download (zipped)

Click Here To Download cardgame.exe 153 kb

The original game required that all cells be filled before card could be played. This makes the game extremely difficult to win. If I ever write another version, I would add this difficulty level.

Notice that when all the cards are dealt, a blank card is displayed in the deck, even though more cards remain. At this point, you must play cards to free some of the cells. 

The game (pictured left) is over, because no plays remain.

Game Start

Start by dragging cards from the deck to one of the sixteen cells.

In Progress

Remember to leave one of each of the Royal Cells open. If a face card is drawn and no Royal cell is open, the game is over.

A Queen was Drawn
No Queen Cell was Empty